sexta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2012

White rumped sandpiper

Just a little break between the clouds made me have a fast check on Mosteiros again. Yesterday the SP Sandpiper warmed me up and staying home starts to become a hard job.
I found it again on the same spot as yesterday and took a fast recordshot whit the old Nikon. On this moments I start thinking about the DHL van who should bring me my 400mm lence already last week but stil not arived.

Obviously glad that the bird did not leave us yet I went on searching some more pools and ramps and almost did not found the verry wel hided Whiterumped Sandpiper between the brown waterline. You could see that it just arived and I could aproach whithout any problem.
One new yank a day.Autum birding on the Azores has started.

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