segunda-feira, 9 de abril de 2012

Great Egret on Lajes do Pico

Like every time I go to Pico Island also this time it had some nice birds waiting for me.
Tipped by Joao Quaresma, skipper from the famous Espaco Talassa whale watch base, about a Great Egret I had a better look against the cliffs and find it on big distance. I,m stil not shore if it is a yank as it  did not show the leggs.

On the west side  of the Island still a nice suprise came up. 3 Purple sandpipers on the last daylight. 

quarta-feira, 4 de abril de 2012

Common Kestrel

The only resident raptor on the Azores is our sub especie Common Buzzard. Today this Female Common Kestrel made me create almost a accidente on the highway. Don,t tell me that birdwatching is  a ocupation whithout any danger.

segunda-feira, 2 de abril de 2012

Spoonbill out of his habitat

It was a good year for Spoonbills. There is no bird who makes me remember more my Dutch roots. It's quite different to see one on the black Azorean rocks than a muddy pool on the Naardermeer. Sometimes they stay over for summer. If Holland will be European soccer champs this year I wil search for it to tell him the great news.

Purple sandpiper

While most rare waders apear from September until late Autum Purple sandpipers prefer to visit the Azores in Spring. Last week I had one in Mosteiros and today another one in Ponta Delgada.

Blue-winged Teals on Joao Silvester's pond

While Terns and Shearwaters are coming in to spend summer on the Azores visiting American ducks leaving us to find back the right track wich they left probably by mistake in autum.Yesterday I still found 1 Ringnecked Duck and a Lesser Scaup on Sete Cidades. Today the last remaining Blue-winged Teals.