domingo, 7 de outubro de 2012

American waders festival on Mosteiros

What a day!!! Today a incredable wader party as not seen for some years on my local patch. After meeting  Peter Alfrey and Daryl on the bridge between Lagoa Azul and Verde we had a fast try around Sete Cidades whithout anything special coming up. Already tipped by Carlos Ribeiro about the increasing number of White'rumped sandpipers,21 until than, we went down to the seaside catching some sun.Before Peter and Daryl climed out of their car I spotted the Semipalmated sandpiper and some White rumped fellows like I did the last three days.

While trying to count the always moving White-rumped sandpipers we found the first Semipalmated plover and inmidiatly another one hopping around between the Turnstones and some red knots. Three american especies on the same spot. Not bad.

On the first count we stay on 8 WRSndpr,1 SPSndpr and than another SP plover called out of view.
Time for some pictures and after a nice sesion in the sun whit the upcoming tide sending us away we went on to see what Mosteiros stil had to offer. Next stop another flock of WRSndpr got us on 21. Same number as Carlos Ribeiro had counted earlyer on the morning. Obviously satisfied we went to have a fast look to the harbour where more two WRSndpr brought the total score on 23.

Time for a fantastic Octopus on the local restaurant to celebrate. Finaly after many days Mosteiros birding whit few big days my patch is starting to feel like heaven on earth.Autum on the Azores has definitly started.

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