terça-feira, 16 de julho de 2013

Azorean Goldcrest family

Today doing some Bullfinch whit a wonderful guest and went to focus on a Goldcrest family wich I had met earlyer this week. Mommy came out all messes up searching despered for insects to recover. The 4 chicks looked great and lucky for me they stil are reather slow in their movements.


domingo, 7 de julho de 2013

Summer birding

Not to much is happening lately on the Azores. Bullfinch is coming final out of the jungle and after the hard winter ,wich have certainly done some damage, it feels good to see them in good numbers coming out of the jungle.

Of course there are stil other birds around and a fast trip to Flores priced me whit a nice Western Goldcrest Regulus inermis.

Alentejo birding

A five days trip with Raquel and Tome to the mainland of Portugal was a good change to train the Eurasian birds as an Azorean birder like me being a big ignorant on this matter.

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