sábado, 14 de setembro de 2013

Eleonora's Falcon First for the Azores

I left this morning whit a single guest named Mary Hearthcoat,  from Ponta Delgada to do a routine Bullfinch tour when I met two Swedish Birders, Kristian Stahl e Ms on the entrance of the Tronqueira road and after a short talk I invited them to come walking whit us.
Stil just whit some Goldcrest and singing Bullfinch on the list Kristian alerted for a Peregrin crossing just over us on the way to the foggy mountains.I saw a big tail like a kestrel but the bird was to big for that. No peregrin we new very soon. The elegant flying bird was moulting and as an Azoren birder my knowledge about strange raptord was obviously to small to make a gues. But lucky for us e god thanks that we invited them to come whit us, there was the Swedish team and whithout guide whit us he already was quite sure about a Falco eleonorae

I was stil not recovered from the White tailed Tropicbird so who tought about a mega rarity on a Bullfinch trip.

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