quarta-feira, 24 de abril de 2013

Flores trip report

This time no time for birding. Heavy winter whit landslides did some damage on Flores walking trails. So other things to do. Lucky for me I found a Ring billed Gull wich confused me by his black rump. Oil our cowshit was the tip I got from the real birders.

No other birds show up on the working zone but my friend Frederique Fournier told me about a big white Egret near the airfield. Other local Miguel Noia had even seen it whit a "chick" so I gues he was talking about a Cattle. So another look on the field near the airstrip before jumping in the plane.There was the Cattle Egret feeding near some lazy cows.
While aproaching a little the bird flyed up and went to the other side of the village where I lost it landing on another field. Quickly checked in and than drived over to the other side. I found it again near some cows but I lost my intrest when I looked in a corner of the field. An Great American Egret was standing there swolowing a little rat.
I always believed that Flores Island should not let me leave whithout a nice bird.
Aand this Egret was a real beauty.

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