sábado, 23 de fevereiro de 2013

Blue winged Teal, Goldcrest and poop flies

Today a GerbyBirding trip whit Doug and Jo, a kind happy couple from Britain. Another hard journey to try the Bullfinch but the last winds have blowed of the Holly blousom so birds was hyded deep in the forest. We just heard one singing but a friendly Goldcrest was doing his best to save our trip to the Eastern mountains whit a nice photo session.If not we should have left just whit a picture of some poop flies taken from a abanded present on the middle of the trail under the Tronqueira view point.

The highlands of Espraiados did also not bring any special so I start to worry. I did not wish to get lynched by Jo and Doug so my last hope was focust on Lagoa de Sao Braz. Lat times I only had a Garganey on this place so I had serious reasons to feel in trouble. After the long steep road up to the lake whit the never failing GerbyBirding Toyota we imidiatly spotted 4 small Ducks near the resident Domestic Duck. Two Northern Shovlers (Rarities on the Azores) and a fantastic Bluewinged teal drake was easy to reconize. The fourth
 a bit harder and in first place identified as a Blue winged female. Later on at home a better look to the pics changed my first conclusion to a first year Gargany, probably the same wich I had spotted last summer whit some verry nice Belgium clients.

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